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Film title: Tuesday Never Comes
Language: English
Plot: During the height of the crack epidemic, an Italian American crime syndicate is threatened when an Irish mercenary they tried to expose of comes back to exact his revenge. To make matters worse, the FBI plan on taking them down and use the fact that the boss and his wife are getting hooked on the crack themselves to get people on the inside looking for a way out. The end result is a shoot-out carnage.

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Tuesday Never Comes Cast & Crew

Jason Holt
as Zack
Erik Estrada
as Micelli
Denise Ezell
as Rebecca
Karen Black
as Michelle
Ken Davitian
as Greenberg
Don Scribner
as Agent Anderson
Laurie Cantwell
as Sylvia
Edmund Druilhet
as Mafia Boss
Michelangelo Kowalski
as Stevie the Worm
Richard Marks
as Johnny Prince
John Anthony Williams
as Agent Johnson