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Film title: Tutti dentro
Language: Italian
Plot: The incorruptible judge Annibale Salvemini, starts investigating over a classic Italian business/politics/corruption affair. He start to operate, as usual, very strongly. He orders numberless arrests. But the reaction of counterparts won't take long. In fact his strong energetic manners, drive him unintentionally on the opposite situation. Who is the real guilty the judge or the corrupted Italian society?

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Tutti dentro Cast & Crew

Alberto Sordi
as Judge Annibale Salvemini
Joe Pesci
as Corrado Parrisi
Dalila Di Lazzaro
as Singer Iris Del Monte
Giorgia Moll
as Giovanna Salvemini
Armando Francioli
as Enrico Patellaro
Tino Bianchi
as Councillor Vanzetti
Carlo Demi
as Commissioner Mariotti
Gianni Rizzo
as Minister Euclide
Marisa Solinas
as Luisella
Giordano Falzoni
as Prior in the Monastery
Franco Scandurra
as President of the Court
Giuseppe Mannajuolo
as Chancellor
Gérard Landry
as Claudio Ferrero
Victoria Zinny
as Salvemini's Friend in the Bar
Corinna Chiaramonte
as Giulia Salvemini