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Film title: Tutti gli uomini del deficiente
Language: Italian
Plot: Leone Stella is a videogame billionaire who has lived an exciting life. Feeling close to death, he wants to leave the company to someone named as him, a man Leone Stella or a woman Stella Leone. A big number of contestants gather for a competition where they have to redo some of the adventures of the old man, the winner being the heir of the billionaire. Between them a radio host (L. S. DJ), a priest (Don Leone Stella), a killer (Leon Stella), a former strip-dancer, a young school teacher and a lucky Leone Stella carrying a space stone talisman owned by a J

Tutti gli uomini del deficiente Series
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Tutti gli uomini del deficiente Cast & Crew

Arnoldo Foà
as Il Presidente
Carlo Taranto
as Gialappa's Band
Marco Santin
as Gialappa's Band
Giorgio Gherarducci
as Gialappa's Band
Lamberto Sposini
as Himself
Claudia Gerini
as Stella Leone
Walter Fontana
as Assistente chirurgo
Gioele Dix
as Vittima di Leon
Rosalina Neri
as La madre di Leon
Francesco Paolantoni
as Rag. Leone Stella