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Film title: Twisted
Language: English
Plot: A retelling of Charles Dickens' classic novel Oliver Twist set in a New York City contemporary underground populated by drag queens, drug abuse and prostitution.

Twisted  Series
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Twisted Cast & Crew

Ray Aranha
as Can Man, a homless man
Keivyn McNeill Grayes
as Lee, a homeless boy
Elise Ballard
as Dumb Bitch
Sharlene Brown
as Woman with Can
Erik Jensen
as Man Who Kills Can Man
Anthony Crivello
as Eddie, a drug dealer
David Norona
as Angel, his boyfriend
Billy Porter
as Shiniqua, Angel's friend
Kelly Coyle
as Arthur's Girlfriend
Simon Brook
as Undercover Cop
William Hickey
as Andre, a proprietor
Jean Loup Wolfman
as Arthur 'Fine Art', a hustler
Rose Baum Senerchia
as Andre's Mother
Brenda Pressley
as Mrs. Burns, Lee's foster mother
Eugene Byrd
as Willus Burns, her son