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Film title: Twister
Language: English
Plot: An oddball family on a Kansas farm are trapped in their farmhouse by an impending storm. The patriarch of the clan is a retired soda pop tycoon. He is currently dating a children's TV evangelist. Also living at the farm is his layabout daughter and her precocious 8 year old daughter, his would-be artist son, the son's fiancée, and the black maid. Also thrown into the mix is the daughter's ex-husband, a ne-er-do-well who is seeking to get back in his ex-wife's good g

Twister  Series
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Twister Cast & Crew

Harry Dean Stanton
as Cleveland
Suzy Amis
as Maureen Cleveland
Crispin Glover
as Howdy
Jenny Wright
as Stephanie
Lois Chiles
as Virginia
David Brown
as Bob Breevort
William S. Burroughs
as Man in Barn
Joyce Cavarozzi
as Woman in Bathroom
Sarah Cochran
as Tomboy Girl
Donal Donnelly
as Doctor
Raleigh Lackey
as Stan Manley
Ralfe D. Reber
as Golfer