Watch Two-Bit Waltz Online

Watch Two-Bit Waltz Online
Film title: Two-Bit Waltz
Language: English
Plot: Teenage years are always messy... but for Maude, things couldn't seem more tragic. Within one week, she is suspended from school, stranded by her best friend, dumped by the boy she loves and inherits an enormous amount of money with the passing of her grandmother- only to be claimed under one condition: Maude must prove by age 18 that she knows exactly what to do with her life and must go to college after she finishes high school. With her 18th birthday rapidly approaching, Maude must dive into a world of self-discovery or else lose the inheritance. A true comedic coming-of-age tal

Two-Bit Waltz Cast & Crew

Clara Mamet
as Maude
Jared Gilman
as Bernie
John Pirruccello
as The Therapist
David Paymer
as The Lawyer
Matt Malloy
as Guidance Counselor
Willow Hale
as Granny
Malia Bryne
as Ballerina #2
Dean Cates
as Teacher
Annie True D'Elia
as Student
Edward E. Cohen
as Mourner