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Film title: U-571
Rotten Tomatoes: 2%
Language: English
Plot: It's 1942 and the Nazis are winning the war at sea, thanks to the Enigma encoding device that makes the German ciphering system unbreakable. A group of American submariners undertakes a mission to steal the Enigma in this Oscar-winning thriller. Among those facing tremendous risks for the greater good of the Allies are Lt. Andrew Tyler (Matthew McConaughey), Lt. Cmdr. Mike Dahlgren (Bill Paxton) and Lt. Pete Emmett (Jon Bon Jovi).

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U-571 Cast & Crew

Matthew McConaughey
as Lt. Andrew Tyler
Bill Paxton
as Lt. Cmdr. Mike Dahlgren
Harvey Keitel
as CPO Henry Klough
Jon Bon Jovi
as Lt. Pete Emmett
David Keith
as Maj. Matthew Coonan
Thomas Kretschmann
as Capt.-Lt. Gunther Wassner