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Film title: Under the City
Language: English
Plot: Follows the attempted redemption of Nate Mayott, a semi-reformed, thirty year-old, ex-con with a dark past trying to rebuild his family and maintain his freedom who is thrust into the violent underworld of the Chicago sex trade- where anything can be bought or sold if the price is right and the demand is there. Which it is. Piece by piece, Nate sells his soul for freedom until he is finally backed into an impossible corner and must kidnap an innocent little girl in order to save his own. Under The City's central focus is love, self-realization and the frightening prospect that the vulnerability needed to fall in love can be more terrifying than facing a loaded gun, and how the desire to have a "normal life", for some, is pure fantasy.

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Under the City Cast & Crew

Nathan Rusk
as Seeking Boy
Dean Rabaiov
as Nate
Kristina Hunt
as Lauren
Mike Starr
as Ed Dandos
Bernie Landis
as Pool Mayott
Diane Dorsey
as Administrator
Rolando Boyce
as Reggie
Libya Pugh
as Nurse
Ronnel Taylor
as Mitch
Zanny Laird
as Lola Mayott
Shana Goodsell
as Kathleen Mayott
Mark Montgomery
as Drizzac
D.J. Howard
as Frank