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Film title: Under the Hollywood Sign
Language: English
Plot: Encouraged by his parents to do what he loves, Charlie moves to LA to pursue his dream of becoming An Actor. Ten unsuccessful years later, now a veteran waiter with an acting manager who lives in a tent, the dream -is rapidly slipping away. His girlfriend Kate is ready to get married, start a family, and possibly surrender to the inevitability of not making it, and Charlie is living in a van with a guy whose claim to fame is an eight-episode arc on MacGuyver. From true love to family secrets in a cold and rainy city of angels, Under the Hollywood Sign is painful, inspiring, and often hilarious. Charlie's struggles and triumphs remind us all that sometimes we're holding on to our dream so tightly, we're in danger of suffocating them.

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Under the Hollywood Sign Cast & Crew

Sherry Romito
as Kate / Maddie
Frank Bonner
as Larry
Ryan Anglin
as Jake
Don McManus
as Robert
Merry Grissom
as Deborah Nimitz
Heidi Marnhout
as Claire
Kavan Reece
as Wendall
Dario Deak
as Vladimir
Matthew James
as Gator
Matt Vasko
as Actor