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Film title: Under the Influence
Language: English
Plot: While working a car insurance scam, Toni Cutter, a female con artist, accidentally turns a routine collision into a fatality and exposes her lawyer and lover, Stephen Tally, to felony murder charges from the District Attorney. Stephen stalls his interrogators with stories of his affair with Toni, while she risks her freedom by seducing an employee in the D.A.'s office into revealing Stephen's whereabouts. As they each play out their own con, the line between rescuer and executioner, betrayer and martyr become blurred and they must learn to trust each other in order to survive.

Under the Influence  Series
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Under the Influence Cast & Crew

Peter Greene
as Stephen Tally
Camilla Overbye Roos
as Toni Cutter
Jim Metzler
as Geary
Lora Zane
as Beth
Saul Stein
as Brian O'Dowd
Ray Dash
as Ben Corothers
Sharon Young
as Susan Rainer
Brenda James
as Katlyn Stuart
Laura Stepp
as Julie
Robert Tena
as Jose