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Film title: Une employée modèle
Language: French
Plot: François, in his early fifties, successfully runs a computer business in Normandy. He has recently developed a new product which an American corporation wants to acquire at any cost. But François refuses to be bought out in spite of head engineer Rolland's insistent advice. His personal life, on the other hand, is a failure: Caroline, his wife for twenty-five years, is leaving him, and his relationship with his daughter could be better. One day, he meets Florence, a pretty damsel in distress who soon blooms into a "model employee"...

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Une employée modèle Cast & Crew

Delphine Rollin
as Florence
Nicole Calfan
as Caroline Maurey
François Morel
as Commissaire Bovary
Leslie Phils
as Marianne Maurey
Steve Suissa
as Le rocker
Annick Blancheteau
as Christina
Geoffrey Bateman
as L'Américain
Michel Baladi
as Gendarme usine
Pierre Forest
as Gendarme motard
Charlie Gnini
as Voyou
Abdel Halis
as Voyou