Watch Unemployed Online

Watch Unemployed Online
Film title: Unemployed
Language: English
Plot: Jamal and Dex, out of work actors, come to terms with reality when they realize they've been pursuing their dreams for over ten years and still haven't booked a single speaking role. When the two run out of cash and face eviction they hit the pavement in search of a job. With no experience, no skill set and little ambition, the audience gets a front row seat to this hilarious journey in which these two characters can't seem to catch a break.

Unemployed Cast & Crew

Rayne Aspengren
as Twin #1
Raphael Barragan
as Ebonics Tutor
Kimberly Bosso
as Sexy Booty Burger Customer
Lydia Callins
as Ganster Girl
Farrah Franklin
as Unemployment Clerk
Jabbaar George
as Ebonics Teacher
as Jamal
Heather McCullough
as Lead Gangster Girl
Toyia Moore
as Receptionist
Sheridan Murphy
as Receptionist #2
Demetrius Navarro
as D The Producer
Jason Rosell
as The Cable Man