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Film title: Uninvited
Language: English
Plot: A man is accused of murdering his childhood love and her entire family.

Uninvited Series
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Uninvited Cast & Crew

Kevin Isola
as Tony Grasso
Adam Hann-Byrd
as Young Tony Grasso
Stephen Mendillo
as Vincent Grasso
Patricia Dunnock
as Rose Grasso
Eli Wallach
as Strasser
Franco Nero
as Avvocato Ralph Barolo
Vanessa Redgrave
as Mrs. Ruttenburn
Olivia Birkelund
as Patricia Macchiato Carver
Barton Tinapp
as Kirk Carver
Jessica Munch
as Young Patricia
Jennifer Wiltsie
as Charlotte Celeste Hinney
Bethel Leslie
as Mrs. Wentworth