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Film title: Unmade Beds
Language: English
Plot: This is the story of Rico, a man who lives in New York in 1976 but who lives his own life in Paris during the time of the 'New Wave'. He is a photographer who thinks he's a gangster, a loner, and an outsider. He uses his camera like a gun, loading it with bullets of film. He's constantly on the look for a reality to fulfill his fantasy, and as long as he has that energy, he lives. Of course, he's also a romantic, and this is his downfall, because he believes all photographers to be liars. When Rico falls in love, the delicate balance of the world he has made for himself is disrupted.

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Unmade Beds Cast & Crew

Baby Adams
as Lady in cab
Patti Astor
as Jeanne Moreau
Lynnette Bean
as Pocahontas
Diane Cohen
as Stephane Audran
David Forshtay
as Taxi driver
Marissa Gallagher
as Amos Poe
Deborah Harry
as Blondie
Sara Johnson
as Lady in cab
Charli Kalina
as J. Seberg
Gail Michaelson
as Girl on bike
Eric Mitchell
as Paul Orsalino
Kitty Sondern
as Kitty Rohmer