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Film title: Unnatural Causes
Language: English
Plot: Matt and Julia aren't having the greatest relationship on earth. They've got a successful advertising agency but Matt suspects his wife of having an affair and is getting so obsessed with this thought that he's actually asked his co-worker Trevor Jones to have her followed. Trevor, who wants to become partner in the company, does as requested and when he brings pictures to Matt that show Julia talking with another man, Matt goes berserk and wants Julia dead. When word of Julia's death little later spreads, Matt gets remorse and kills himself. But Julia isn't dead and it seems that Matt's suicide might actually have been a murder...

Unnatural Causes Series
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Unnatural Causes Cast & Crew

Tara Reid
as Julia McKay
Colm Meaney
as Trevor Jones
Angus Macfadyen
as Matt McKay
Francesc Garrido
as Álvaro
Robert Falcon Scott
as Bobby McKay
Mingo Ràfols
as Inspector Jiménez
George Wendt
as Chuck
Roger Delmont
as Daniel
Ludovic Tattevin
as Antonio
Sue Flack
as Rose McKay
Anna Diogene
as Notario Myalar
Joan Picó
as Luis
Albert Riballo
as Miguel