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Film title: Unns: Love... Forever
Language: English, Hindi
Plot: Ria lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with her parents and paternal grandmother. Her father is Punjabi-speaking, while her mom is Bengali-speaking. Ria is now of marriageable and is in love with Rishi Rampal. She would like to get married to him, but gets her heart broken instead when she finds out that he is already married. Her parents look for a suitable groom who is either Punjabi and Bengali, and are introduced to Punjabu Rahul Malhotra by a family friend, Gaurav Chatterjee, who is Rahul's boss. Rahul comes from a broken family, and his dad had left his mother for another woman, leaving him depressed, insecure, and afraid of divorce. The marriage takes place and the couple go for a honey-moon. Shortly after that Rahul goes on a business trip to Europe, and when he returns he finds out to his delight that Ria is pregnant, and she soon gives birth to a daughter, Niharika. Then Rahul's world crashes around him when Ria tells him that she wants a divorce due to irreconcilable differences. Rahul hires a lawyer, Natasha Patel, to contest the divorce proceedings, while Ria retains Sameer Shah, who is Natasha's boyfriend. Rahul is in for more shocks when he finds out that Niharika may not be his daughter - leaving open the question: will he now proceed with the divorce?

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Unns: Love... Forever Cast & Crew

Juhi Babbar
as Advocate Natasha Patel
as Court Clerk
as Secretary
Sanjay Kapoor
as Rahul Malhotra
Raja Kapse
as Sufi Fakir
Anjana Mumtaz
as Ria's mom
Sudhanshu Pandey
as Rishi Rampal
Rituparna Sengupta
as Ria R. Malhotra
Vivek Shaq
as Gaurav Chatterjee
Asha Sharma
as Ria's Grandmother
Sheela Sharma
as Judge
Sujeet Shetty
as Himself