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Film title: Untitled Horror Comedy
Language: English
Plot: The Cast and Crew of a shoe string budget horror film are in for more than they bargained for when they travel to a desolate house in the woods run by the eccentric Aunt Bee. A cross between Living in Oblivion & Hostel this schlock n shock blend of comedy and horror will leave you asking the question Who will make the cut?

Untitled Horror Comedy Series
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Untitled Horror Comedy Cast & Crew

Robert Z'Dar
as Smokes Callahan
Joe Estevez
as Chips Fisher
Larry Thomas
as Dwayne
Ari Said
as Charlie Lauren
Melissa Rentrop
as Scottie Madison
Erik Anderson
as Scooter
Ryan Wickerham
as Cedric / Hell Hunter
David Precopia
as Tony Sanderford
Melody Chase
as Aunt Bee
Richard Ricks
as Tracy
Jimmy Gonzales
as Adam Pena
Caitlin Wehrle
as Ronnie Ashley
Corey Burke
as Radar