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Film title: Urban Playground
Language: English
Plot: The Miseducation of Mitchell is a gritty, inner-city drama that covers one day in the life of Mitchell, a quiet ten-year-old boy who lives with his crack-head mother (Nayomi) in a roach infested downtown L.A. motel. While Mitchell gets ready for school, his mother and her friend (Lisa) plan a murder, business as usual. Mitchell misses the bus and starts walking to school. He has to walk through some of the worst areas in L.A. He is almost to school when a red neck attacks him. Chris, an angry drug dealer, steps in and saves Mitchell. He tells Mitchell that he is now in debt. Chris takes Mitchell to an abandoned rooftop and threatens him and his mother. Mitchell's first job is a drug deal. He goes to a small room downtown, where he finds some rich Asian teenager punks who are slumming it in their own little kick pad. He sells them the drugs, they teach him how to smoke a joint. He returns to Chris who then sends him with the money he got from the drugs, to an old racist drunk gunrunner named Harry, to buy a gun. Harry is watching over his dying wife and waiting for the gun to arrive. There is a knock on the door and Harry forces Mitchell to 'wait' in the closet, and not to make a sound. Mitchell listens to a chilling conversation as he realizes Harry's friend is the red neck who tried to attack him earlier. Mitchell takes the gun to T-mon, a pimp who lives in a modern age opium den: pillows, candles, opium, and ho's. He gives T-mon the gun, while T-mon tries to get the trick right. There is a knock at the door and Mitchell hears his mother asking for T-mon. Mitchell hides. Nayomi and Lisa walk in, and pick up the gun that Mitchell just dropped off and leave. Nayomi and Lisa go to do the hit but everything goes terribly wrong. Everyone involved starts getting killed, with Mitchell being the next in line.

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Urban Playground Cast & Crew

David Douglas
as Chris
Ogy Durham
as Lisa
Sage Lyon
as Nayomi
Bo White
as Harry
Mark Irvingsen
as Russell
Joanna Rubiner
as Andie
Jonathan Yaker
as Garrett
Derek DeLeon
as Bad Cop
Fawn Nonaka
as Amii
Ronnie Reyes
as Shane
Barry J. Ward
as Crazy Fred