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Film title: Vaiennut kylä
Language: Finnish
Plot: After his predecessor on a long-festering wilderness village murder case resigns for "reasons of health", a young police detective decides it's time for more forceful methods. But there's still those "we don't know nuthin" villagers to contend with, and ultimately his own personal lust for revenge. Based on a true story.

Vaiennut kylä Series
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Vaiennut kylä Cast & Crew

Taisto Reimaluoto
as Criminal Investigator
Sari Havas
as Criminal Investigator's Wife
Taneli Mäkelä
as Pukari
Vesa Vierikko
as Mandollini
Heli Takala
as Liisa
Esko Nikkari
as Jarva
Sulevi Peltola
as Priest
Mikko Nousiainen
as Kääriäinen
Aarre Karén
as Annikki's Father
Eeva-Liisa Haimelin
as Annikki's Mother
Juhani Suuronen
as Lötjönen
Tuire Tuomisto
as Annikki