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Film title: Valami Amerika
Language: Hungarian, English
Plot: Tamás is a young, Budapest-based director of video clips and commercials who dreams of directing his first feature film with the title 'The Guilty City'. He has already written the script but does not have the means of financing his project. Thus when he surprisingly gets an email from American film producer Alex Brubeck who writes that he had liked the script and would like to meet him personally, Tamás sees all his dreams come true. With the help of his two brothers Ákos, a successful manager and sex maniac, and András, a poet and complete loser, he tries to make a good impression on the American and persuade him to finance the film project. But there are some surprises on the way...

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Valami Amerika Cast & Crew

Tibor Szervét
as Alex Brubeck
Csaba Pindroch
as Tamás
Gyözö Szabó
as Ákos
Eszter Ónodi
as Eszter
Ferenc Hujber
as András
Ila Schütz
as Terka néni
Juli Básti
as Hámoriné
Claudia Liptai
as Anikó
Béla Fesztbaum
as Rendezõasszistens
Imola Somlyay
as Pincérlány
Károly Gesztesi
as Jóbarát
Gábor Reviczky
as Rendõr 1
Miklós Kapácsy
as Rendõr 2