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Film title: Valerie Flake
Language: English
Plot: A boozing, recently widowed young woman gives every one she comes into contact with a hard time. Initially, the viewer is led to believe that her attitude is because of the death of her husband in a motorcycle accident. However, it grows clearer as the film progresses that she just generally has a bitchy attitude about life. She moves back home with her in-laws, where she is pursued by a nice young grocer. However, his mother recognizes her as a heart breaker and warns him away and battles w

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Valerie Flake Cast & Crew

Susan Traylor
as Valerie Flake
Jay Underwood
as Tim Darnell
Christina Pickles
as Meg Darnell
Peter Michael Goetz
as Douglas Flake
Rosemary Forsyth
as Irene Flake
Terrence Howard
as Hitchhiker
Ann Gillespie
as Barbara
Sarah Bibb
as Tammy
Kevin Rahm
as Jogger Ronald
Richard Cummings Jr.
as Rooftop Guard
Talia Balsam
as Greenhorn Checker Linda
Gerry Beg
as Robotic Dad
Tracy Bunetta
as Romantic Woman
Becky Claassen
as Robotic Mom
Blake Clark
as Uncle Jack