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Film title: Valley of Vision
Language: English
Plot: Valley of Vision is the sequel to The Road to Trepanation, a feature film released last year. We learn about the future of this world through Percy, a man who wakes up with a scar on his forehead, a strange drawing on his arm, a tape recorder in his pocket, and no memory. As Percy begins searching for answers, he discovers that there are other survivors who are all somehow connected to the events that plunged the world into darkness. Although some of them appear to have information that can help him regain his memories and understand how it all began, the truth behind the cataclysmic events that destroyed civilization may be more than he can accept.

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Valley of Vision Cast & Crew

Bill Bernhardt
as Murray
Kevin Don
as Stan
Myk Freitag
as VREN Board Member
Jeffrey Gardner
as Wilson
Bret Hoveskland
as VREN Board Member
Joey Johnson
as Percy
Brian Joon
as Bergman
Steven Joon
as Sad Man and the Nezzar
Chaz Krivan
as Matthew
Ariel Rech
as Xion
Bob Rech
as Anderson
Rusty Riegert
as Dagon