Watch Vampires Online

Watch Vampires Online
Film title: Vampires
Rotten Tomatoes: 38%
Language: English
Plot: In this sly faux-documentary send-up of both the current cultural obsession with vampires and the way society treats those on its fringes, a TV crew sets up shop with a family of bloodsuckers living the good life in French-speaking Belgium. Vampires, it turns out, are not so different than the rest of us. Thus, when party-boy son Samson breaks bat rule No. 1 -- no sleeping with your leader's wife -- the family of immortals gets exiled to Canada.

Vampires Cast & Crew

James Woods
as Jack Crow
Daniel Baldwin
as Anthony Montoya
Sheryl Lee
as Katrina
Thomas Ian Griffith
as Jan Valek
Maximilian Schell
as Cardinal Alba
Tim Guinee
as Father Adam Guiteau
Gregory Sierra
as Father Giovanni
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
as David Deyo
Henry Kingi
as Anthony
David Rowden
as Bambi
Clarke Coleman
as Davis
Mark Sivertsen
as Highway Patrolman
John Furlong
as Father Joseph Molina