Vanessa Redgrave Biography

Birthday: 1937-01-30
Place of Birth: Greenwich, London
Height: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
Wiki Biography: Born into a distinguished acting family, Vanessa Redgrave knew a lot about acting technique when she started making films in the 1960s. Three decades later she has shown that an actress can improve with age. In his review of A Month by the Lake (1995), Roger Ebert sees Redgrave "at the absolute peak of physical and mental perfection". No one had any idea of what kind of a woman was in the photographs in the park in Blow-Up (1966). Her rich auburn hair was long, her physique lean, her countenance inscrutable. Three decades later a Redgrave who takes the pictures has hair that is short, the auburn shade muted. The physique is still lean and it is strong from the work it has taken to keep it that way. And the countenance is a lot easier to read. Add expertise with body language and a superb sense of timing and here is a comedienne who should still be carrying films when she is in her 90s.

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Vanessa Redgrave Vanessa Redgrave Vanessa Redgrave Vanessa Redgrave Vanessa Redgrave Vanessa Redgrave


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Mission: Impossible Max 1972 - 1973 Action
Julia Julia 1977 Drama
The Choir Marion 2006
The Whistleblowers Madeleine Rees 2010 Drama
Camelot Guenevere 2011 Drama
Anonymous Queen Elizabeth I 2011 Drama
Britains Heritage Heroes Herself 2011
Celebrity House Hunting Mature Jenny 2012 Reality Tv
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Mother's Boy Lydia 1913
Blowup Jane 1966
Camelot Guenevere 1967 0, Biography
The Sea Gull 1968 Biography
The Devils Sister Jeanne 1971
Mary, Queen of Scots 1972 Drama, History
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution 1977 Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Agatha Agatha Christie 1979
Yanks 1979 Romance, Biography
Playing for Time 1980 0, 0
The Bostonians Olive Chancellor 1984 0
Steaming Nancy 1985
Wetherby 1985 Drama, Mystery
Prick Up Your Ears 1987 Drama
Uninvited Mrs. Ruttenburn 1988 Reality Tv
The Ballad of the Sad Cafe 1991
Howards End Ruth Wilcox 1992 Drama, Romance
Consuming Passions 1992 Comedy
Romeo.Juliet Mother Capulet 1992
Breath of Life Sister Crucifix 1993 Drama
Un muro de silencio Kate Benson 1993 Drama
Mother's Boys Lydia 1994
Little Odessa 1994 0
Storia di una capinera Sister Agata 1994 Drama
The House of the Spirits Nívea del Valle 1994 Drama, Romance
A Month by the Lake Miss Bentley 1995 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Mission: Impossible Max 1996 0
Mission Impossible Max 1996 Action, Adventure, Thriller
Smilla's Sense of Snow Elsa Lubing 1997
Lulu on the Bridge 1998 Biography
Mrs Dalloway Mrs. Clarissa Dalloway 1998 Drama, Romance
Déjà Vu Skelly 1998 Drama, Romance
Wilde Lady Speranza Wilde 1998 Drama, History
Deep Impact Robin Lerner 1998 Action, Drama, Romance
Girl, Interrupted Dr. Sonia Wick 1999
If These Walls Could Talk 2 2000 Drama, Romance
Cradle Will Rock Countess Constance LaGrange 2000 Drama
A Rumor of Angels 2001
Escape to Life: The Erika and Klaus Mann Story Narrator 2001 Biography, Drama
The Gathering Storm Clemmie Churchill 2002 Drama, History
Crime and Punishment Rodion's Mother 2002 Drama
Merci Docteur Rey 2003 Comedy
The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam 2005
The White Countess Princess Vera Belinskya 2005 Biography, 0, 0
The Fever Woman 2005 Drama
Evening Ann Lord 2007
The Riddle Roberta Elliot 2007 Drama, Thriller
How About You Georgia Platts 2007 Comedy, Drama
Julia Julia 2008 0
Short Order Marianne 2008 Drama, Adventure
Identity of the Soul Narrator 2009 Drama
Letters to Juliet Claire 2010 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Animals United Winifred 2010 Animation, Comedy, Family
The Whistleblower Madeleine Rees 2011
The Whistle Blower Madeleine Rees 2011 Drama, Thriller
The Butler Annabeth Westfall 2013
Unfinished Song Marion 2013 Comedy, Drama, Music
The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh Rosalind Leigh 2013 Horror, Thriller
The Secret Scripture Old Roseanne McNulty 2016
Restraint 2017 Game Show
Murder on the Orient Express Mary Debenham 2017 0