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Film title: Varg Veum - Bitre blomster
Language: Norwegian
Plot: A successful female politician hires private-detective Varg Veum. She wants him to find her disappeared daughter without attracting too much attention. During his investigation Veum becomes aware of an international company and its dealings with corruption, black-business, and murder.

Varg Veum - Bitre blomster Series
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Varg Veum - Bitre blomster Cast & Crew

Trond Espen Seim
as Varg Veum
Bjørn Floberg
as Hamre
Kathrine Fagerland
as Anna Keilhaug
Endre Hellestveit
as Isachsen
Anders Dale
as Odin Schrøder-Olsen
Øyvind Gran
as Trygve Schrøder-Olsen
Per Jansen
as Harald Schrøder-Olsen
Trine Wiggen
as Vibeke Farang
Håvard Bakke
as Bård Farang
Nicholas Hope
as Warren Donaldson
Ove Andreassen
as Monrad
Belinda Braza
as Kristin
Julie Fløysand
as Camilla Farang
Tor Andre Rundhaug
as Henrik Farang