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Film title: Victory
Language: English
Plot: Axel Heyst lives on a secluded island near the Dutch East Indies port of Surabaya. The year is 1913. While on personal business to the port, he visits the hotel owned by racist German Schomberg. An all-woman orchestra plays in the hotel each night, and orchestra owner, San Giacomo agrees to "sell" one of the girls, Alma, to Schomberg. She asks Heyst to save her from the villains and they escape to his island and live there with native servant Wang. Schomberg points sinister Mr. Jones and his two fellow bandits to that island, saying that the fortune lies ahead of them there.

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Victory Cast & Crew

Willem Dafoe
as Axel Heyst
Sam Neill
as Mr. Jones
Rufus Sewell
as Martin Ricardo
Jean Yanne
as Mr. Schomberg
Ho Yi
as Wang
Bill Paterson
as Capt. Davidson
Irm Hermann
as Mrs. Schomberg
Hansi Jochmann
as Mrs. Zangiacomo
Simon Callow
as Zangiacomo
Michael Lee
as Chinese Gentleman
Leonard Maguire
as Old Trader McNab
Didi Saad
as Wang's Wife
Topan Setiadji
as Young Chinese Houseboy