Villiany Ganbo

Villiany Ganbo Series
Premiere: 2014
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 11
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When Kanzaki Kaoru was young, her mother operated an Okonomiyaki restaurant. However, in just a day, her entire life as she knew it turned upside down. Her mother was declared a bankrupt, and they were plunged into a life of poverty. Moving from place to place, Kaoru started working the minute she graduated from middle high school. By scrimping and saving, today, Kaoru finally has 1 million yen in her savings account. Since she understood fully what it felt like to be poor, Kaoru lends her money to her colleague who is in financial trouble. She finds herself moneyless again, and under strange circumstances, she comes to know of someone who works for the company "Koshimizu Consultant"... and thus begins her journey into a world where betrayals are the norm, and everyone is trying to outwit the other; a world full of sly and cunning people. With her indomitable spirit, Kaoru claws her way.
Villiany Ganbo S01E11 At last, the final episode! Koshimizu Consulting is in danger of being torn to shreds! Where will everybody go? And will Kaoru continue living in the world of the fixers?
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