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Film title: Vineland
Language: English
Plot: "Vineland" is a drama directed by Alyssa Rallo Bennett, and produced by Gary O. Bennett & Alyssa Rallo Bennett. The film is a look at what marriage, relationships and love is for a group of young people in a small town with a wedding about to happen. The bride has a secret, and the groom is reluctant because he may have a secret - or may not. And no one seems to fully support the marriage. And then, to serve as the best man, a disturbed young man (Jack Quaid) escapes from an institution; he is compelled to kibosh the wedding, he may have feelings for the groom, but then what moves him remains unclear. It might be his feelings for the groom (Jared Wernick), or his feelings about the bride (Justine Magnusson) - it might be his troubled family. He makes trouble. The drama rocks the bride and groom, but by the end, they come to some kind of terms. Some kind - but then, do they?

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Vineland Cast & Crew

Jack Quaid
as Cole
Kristoffer Polaha
as Alexander
Justine Cotsonas
as Melissa
Roger Robinson
as Father Gordon
Tibor Feldman
as Arthur
Karen Culp
as Dr. Melora Warren
Beverly Provido-Sahu
as Wedding Guest
Lorin Doctor
as Courtney
Peter Sahu
as Wedding Guest
Diana Vasquez
as Wedding Guest
Jared Wernick
as Jason
Eli Walker
as Wedding Guest
Julian Goza
as Ray
Paige Snyder
as Jane