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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Big Brother's Little Brother Himself 2001 Reality Tv
The Other Half 2006 Comedy
60 secondes chrono The Sphinx 2011 Family
The Cape Dominic Raoul 2011 Action
Loaded Mr.Black 2013 Action
Galavant Gareth 2015
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Heavy 1995
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Big Chris 1999 Crime, Thriller
Snatch Bullet Tooth Tony 2000 Game Show, Comedy, 0
Gone in Sixty Seconds The Sphinx 2000 Action, Crime, Thriller
Mean Machine Danny Meehan 2001 0
Swordfish Marco 2001 0, Comedy
Snatch. Bullet Tooth Tony 2001 Crime, Thriller
Night at the Golden Eagle Rodan 2002 Drama
Hollywood Flies Sean 2004 0, Game Show, 0
The Big Bounce 2004 Crime, Thriller, Comedy
Submerged 2005 0
X-Men: The Last Stand Cain Marko 2006 0, Sport, Game Show
Played Detective Brice 2006 Comedy, Game Show
She's the Man Coach Dinklage 2006
She's the Man Dinklage 2006 Comedy, Romance
The other half 2006 Comedy, Romance
Johnny Was Johnny Doyle 2006 Action, Crime, Drama
Tooth and Nail Mongrel - Rover 2007 Reality Tv, Game Show, Sport
The Condemned McStarley 2007 Action, Thriller
Condemned McStarley 2007 Action, Thriller
The Riddle Mike Sullivan 2007 Drama, Thriller
Strength and Honour Smasher O'Driscoll 2007 Action, Drama
(Untitled) Ray Barko 2008
Midnight Meat Train Mahogany 2008
Slipstream Winston Briggs 2008
Loaded Mr.Black 2008 Action, Crime, Drama
The Midnight Meat Train Mahogany 2008 Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Hell Ride Billy Wings 2009 Action, Adventure, Drama
7-10 Split Roddy Nightengale 2009 Comedy, Sport
Year One Sargon 2009 Adventure, Comedy
Legend of the Bog Mr. Hunter 2009 Horror, Thriller
The Heavy Dunn 2010 Thriller
Locked Down Anton Vargas 2010 Action, Crime, Thriller
Age of the Dragons Stubb 2011 Action, Fantasy, Thriller
Likvidator Killer 2011 Action, Thriller
You May Not Kiss the Bride Brick 2011 Comedy, Romance
Fire with Fire Boyd 2012 Action, Crime, Drama
Magic Boys Jack Varga 2012 Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Schism Quincy 2013 Thriller
Ambushed Vincent Camastra 2013 Action, Crime, Drama
Gutshot Straight Carl 2013 Thriller
Lurid Doug 2013 Thriller
Mentryville Renner 2013 Drama, Horror
Beyond Justice Vincent Delacruz 2013 Action, Thriller
Blood of Redemption Campbell 2013 Comedy, 0, 0
In Security Tillinghast 2013 Action, Comedy
Escape Plan Drake 2013 Action, Mystery, Thriller
The Reaper Rob 2013 Horror
A Certain Justice Bennett 2014 Action, Drama
Redirected Golden Pole 2014 Action, Drama, Thriller
Way of the Wicked John Elliott 2014
Life Outside Robson 2014 Action, Crime, Thriller
The 34th Battalion Lieutenant Colonel 2015 Action, Drama
Checkmate Man in Black 2015 Action, Thriller
Decommissioned Michael Price 2015 Action, Thriller
Rivers 9 Ray Kaplan 2015 Action, Comedy, Crime
Extraction Ivan Rudovsky 2015 0
Absolution The Boss 2015 Action, Adventure, Crime
Gridlocked Ryker 2015 Action
Kill Kane Ray Brookes 2016 Crime, Thriller
Bite Big John 2016 Horror, Thriller
Hijacked Joe Ballard 2017 0