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Film title: Voodoo Magic
Language: English
Plot: This film is a tale of two halves the first half tells the story of Kane and Abel, two small time hoods, who are having a documentary made about them, by a pretty 18 year old A-Level student called Abigail Adams. Things take a turn for the worst when Kane and Abel take Abigail hostage, after they pull off a heist for one of the world's largest diamonds. Against Abel's wishes, Kane keeps Abigail alive and insists on her filming everything they get up to. They use their money to set up and run a large scale crystal meth factory and 'retail outlet', when they take over an almost abandoned block of flats. In parallel to this, we see the story of a voodoo priest called Wyclef, from the block next door, as he goes through the traditional ritual of helping his dead wife's soul pass over to the spirit world, a year and a day after her death. Apart from the occasional attempted break in and meth addicts willing to trade sex for drugs, Kane and Abel's retail empire grows swiftly, with the help of their resident chemist's Phillippe and his partner Simeon and a junky with an unknown past called Sparky, who works on getting all of the locals hooked on the meth. This take a serious turn when Wyclef get's mixed up in something he can't control and Kane and Abel are left to fight off furious junkys, who cant get enough of their product.

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Voodoo Magic Cast & Crew

Barrie Martin
as Zombie
Michael Archer
as Pervy Policeman
Ally Kadambi
as Crystal Meth Zombie
Charlie Flyte
as Abigail
Andy Seaman
as Kane