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Film title: WaSanGo
Language: Korean
Plot: This year is the 108th anniversary of the Korean high School "WaSanGo" (Volcano High). Principal hides himself with "Secret Manuscript" which every WaSanGo student wants to take from principal... Kyang-Soo Kim (Jang Hyuk) fell asleep in physics lessons when teacher writes X and turn to Kyang-Soo. Teacher threw chalk to Kyang-Soo but Kyang-Soo stop the chalk and push the chalk to trap teacher at blackboard, and was being expelled from his 8th high school. Kyang-Soo farewell with his friends and reach WaSanGo, his 9th high school. Kyang-Soo was shocked by the brilliant martial skills of the WSG students. Kyang-Soo first met "Dark Oxen" Jang-Rhang. Kyang-Soo also met the prettiest girl "Yoo Chae-I", "Icy Jade", in WaSanGo. Kyang-Soo get inside the school corridor and met "Tea Expert" Hak-Rim(Sang-Woo Kwone). Hak-Rim finish tea bottle and handed to vice-principal (principal is absent) to let principal to taste his made tea leaves. Lunch time, a WSG student was eating "Fujian ToFu". Jang-Rhang hates "Fujian Tofu" because "Fujian Tofu" makes Jang-Rhang to memorize his angry and hideous mother. Jang-Rhang pull the student for fight. Hak-Rim came in time and blocked Jang-Rhang to hit that WSG classmate, got onto Jang-Rhang's nerves. Jang-Rhang order the changing of Hak-Rim's tea leaves into poisoned leaves, and kill the principal. Checking Principal's deceased body, Vice-Principal got a written paper. It wrote "Suspect : (1) Vice-Principal (2) Song Hak-Rim (WSG Tea Expert)". Hak-Rim was being called and was jailed. "Yoo Chae-I" felt Hak-Rim innocent and plan to help Hak-Rim, visit Hak-Rim with her best female friend. Hak-Rim ask "Yoo Chae-I" to bring Kyang-Soo. When Kyang-Soo is brought to Hak-Rim, Hak-Rim teach Kyang-Soo everything he (Hak-Rim Song) knows, and counted on Kyang-Soo to defeat Jang-Rhang. Jang-Rhang challenge all WSG students with a "2-day ultimatum". "Yoo Chae-I" trained her sword skills harder to prepare for the facing of this 2-day-challenge. But it was actually "Jang-Rhang tells IcyJade he loves her". "Yoo Chae-I" refused Jang-Rhang. One day, "Yoo Chae-I" get into the male bathroom/toilet and was being reported by the male victim, and was going to be expelled from WaSanGo. Kyang-Soo ask vice-principal to keep "Yoo Chae-I". "Yoo Chae-I" was being impressed and began to love Kyang-Soo. The final battle of WSG, Jang-Rhang versus Kim "HandSome" Kyang-Soo. Finally Jang-Rhang was being defeated and Kyang-Soo was being praised by "Yoo Chae-I". But Kyang-Soo saw "Yoo Chae-I" and collapsed. "Yoo Chae-I" was worried of Kyang-Soo. Hak-Rim was happy to receive the news, though Hak-Rim can't be released. Kyang-Soo graduated from Wasango.

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WaSanGo Cast & Crew

Hyuk Jang
as Kim, Kyeong-su
Min-a Shin
as Yu, Chae-i
Sang-woo Kwon
as Song Hak-Rim
Hyo-jin Kong
as So, Yo-seon
Sang-hun Jeong
as Golbangi
Hyeong-jong Kim
as Shim, Ma
Shi-ah Chae
as Yo-mi
Jun-ho Heo
as Mr. Ma
Andre Benjamin
as Kim Kyeong-su
Snoop Dogg
as Song Hak-lim