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Film title: Walls of Glass
Language: English
Plot: Aging New York cabbie Flanagan still has hopes of making it as a stage actor. He can recite any Shakespeare sonnet and is facile with accents, but he can't land an agent or a job. During the course of one summing-it-all-up day, he drives his cab around the city dealing with fare evaders, an insolent stage manager determined to keep him from auditioning for his choice director, his estranged wife who has a new lover, his mistress who seems awfully close to her "drawing teacher", and two teenage sons whose bright visions of the future don't seem to include jobs. If he can only cope with all the annoyances of this day, maybe he can deal with the limitations in his abilities and his future.

Walls of Glass Series
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Walls of Glass Cast & Crew

Philip Bosco
as James Flanagan
Linda Thorson
as Andrea
Olympia Dukakis
as Mary Flanagan
Brian Bloom
as Danny Flanagan
Steven Weber
as Sean
Louis Zorich
as Lerner
James Tolkan
as Turner
Gwyllum Evans
as Church
Pierre Epstein
as Miery
Jered Holmes
as Dallavanti
F.R. Davies
as Dr. Coleman
Cory Notrica
as Gordon