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Film title: Warm Summer Rain
Language: English
Plot: A woman tries to kill herself and ends up in the hospital. She escapes and wanders into the desert. There she comes upon a roadside bar where she gets extremely drunk with the locals and a mysterious man, who seems to be shy of policemen. She wakes up in bed with the stranger, not remembering much from the night before, in a nearby abandoned house and finds out that she got married to him at the bar. They try and find an answer to their lives and love in this isolated nowh

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Warm Summer Rain Cast & Crew

Kelly Lynch
as Kate
Barry Tubb
as Guy
Ron Sloan
as Andy
Lupe Amador
as Indian Woman
Peter McPherson
as Preacher
Vanessa Conti
as Young Kate
Stanley Grover
as Father
Gene Knight
as Doctor 1
Tony Markes
as Doctor 2
Cindy Guyer
as Nurse 1
as Nurse 2
Susan Sherriffe
as Secretary 1
Jean St. James
as Secretary 2