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Film title: We're Talkin' Serious Money
Language: English
Plot: Comedy about two misfit men who lose a borrowed ten grand from a mob kingpin and must flee from NY to LA, only to there get involved in a caper involving a video of Senators in compromising positions. Given a cool million for the video, they are then pursued for the money, which brings about a surprise ending to the film, as well as to their bungling adventu

We're Talkin' Serious Money Series
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We're Talkin' Serious Money Cast & Crew

Leo Rossi
as Charlie
Fran Drescher
as Valerie
Cynthia Frost
as Connie
John LaMotta
as Gino 'the Grocer'
Peter Iacangelo
as Frankie 'the Beast'
Anthony Powers
as Joey Eggs
Lou Bonacki
as Cop #1
John Cade
as Cop #2
Catherine Paolone
as Rosemarie
Robert Costanzo
as Michael
John Josef Spencer
as Rosemarie's Son
Maria Cavaiani
as Rosemarie's Daughter
Len Pera
as Goon Behind Counter
Donna Hardy
as Old Lady