Watch Weirdsville Online

Watch Weirdsville Online
Film title: Weirdsville
Rotten Tomatoes: 60%
Language: English
Plot: Royce (Wes Bentley) and Dexter (Scott Speedman), two hapless stoners appropriately from the town of Weedsville, launch a chain of catastrophic events when they assume their friend Matilda (Taryn Manning) has overdosed on drugs they've stolen from a dangerous dealer. Soon, the slacker duo finds themselves on the run from a gang of vengeful thugs, angry Satanists and, worst of all, a mob of marauding little people -- all in one night.

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Weirdsville Cast & Crew

Scott Speedman
as Dexter
Wes Bentley
as Royce
Taryn Manning
as Matilda
Matt Frewer
as Jason Taylor
Greg Bryk
as Abel
Maggie Castle
as Treena
Jordan Prentice
as Martin
Dax Ravina
as Seamus
Elizabeth Lennie
as Irene Taylor
James McQuade
as Garry
Shayne Wyler
as Todd
Joe Silvaggio
as Sheldon