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Film title: What Manner of Person Art Thou?
Language: English
Plot: God-sent serial killers looking for their wayward kin. Two isolated, traditional Christian villages are eviscerated by ergot poisoning and the only survivors, Elijah Yoder and Enoch Troyer, set out to the new world to find their brethren who have fallen from the faith generations ago. On their journey they meet LARPERs, ANA/MIAs, a PhD in comparative literature specializing in a subcategory of fanfics called "revolfics", a gaggle of hippies, formerly conjoined twins in a reality TV dating show, an EST-like self-help group, and a corrupt corporation. Each group they meet represents one of the seven "deadly sins". Yoder and Troyer's quest ends in a river of blood. In the end, however, Yoder and Troyer find their way to happiness is not paved with dead bodies.

What Manner of Person Art Thou? Series
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What Manner of Person Art Thou? Cast & Crew

Crist Ballas
as Dungeon Master
Don Bergsten
as Gier Troyer-Yoder
Bob Beverage
as Whitey
Gary Brown
as Darcon
Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk
as Gula Troyer / Allison Troyer
Don Cosgrove
as Narrator / Monk
Tom Joyal
as Elijah Yoder
Paul Mabon
as PAT Counselor Jones / Gutter Punk
James Moore
as Simon Vollust Yoder / Hippie / TV Host
Janelle Ranek
as Pagan Girl / Frenesie Yoder / Cheryl Yoder
Ken Reinhold
as Midspur the half-elf
Jack Sweeney
as The Scryer
Tim Wick
as Enoch Troyer / Assassin Werebear / TV Narrator