Watch When I Find the Ocean Online

Watch When I Find the Ocean Online
Film title: When I Find the Ocean
Language: English
Plot: 12 year old Lily Strickland has lost her father, a sailor, to the sea. She and her mother go to live with her grandparents. Lily and her family have little closure on the death of her father since he was never found, thus Lily sets out alone on a trek to the ocean to find the closure that she needs to heal her loss. Set in 1965 Alabama, during the Civil Rights marches.

When I Find the Ocean Cast & Crew

Dan Beene
as Jesse Peabody
Sara Biddle
as Nurse Denise
Anthony Brooks
as Nathan Coleman
Natalie Canerday
as Aunt Betty
Bernie Casey
as Amos Jackson
James Chambliss
as Sergeant Montgomery
James Chapman
as Young Dean
Kenny Davis
as Selma Dock Supervisor
Timothy Eddy
as Will
David 'Shark' Fralick
as Emmit Johnson
Trent Friday
as Voting Rights Marcher / Beatnik
Joan Ghrigsby
as Bertie
Graham Greene
as Copeland
Edie Hand
as Ms. Gina