Watch Where's Marlowe? Online

Watch Where's Marlowe? Online
Film title: Where's Marlowe?
Language: English
Plot: After making a 3-hour fiasco about New York City's water supply, a two-man film crew decides to take it up a notch by documenting life in the private investigator offices of "Boone and Murphy". Cheating husbands and missing dogs fail to bring in the big bucks however, and after sleeping with the wife of one of their clients Murphy leaves. To stop Boone from having to close down the business the two film-makers must resort to a hands-on approach in the investigations to ensure the completion of their movie.

Where's Marlowe? Cast & Crew

Miguel Ferrer
as Joe Boone
John Livingston
as A.J. Edison
Mos Def
as Wilt Crawley
John Slattery
as Kevin Murphy
Allison Dean
as Angela
Clayton Rohner
as Sonny 'Beep' Collins
Barbara Howard
as Emma Huffington
Kirk Baltz
as Rivers
Miguel Sandoval
as Skip Pfeiffer
Brent Jennings
as Funeral Director
Bill McKinney
as Uncle Bill
Heather McComb
as Trophy Wife
Wendy Crewson
as Dr. Ninki Bregman
Joyce Guy
as Wilt's Mom