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Film title: White Lightnin'
Language: English
Plot: Deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia, where every man owns a gun and a moonshine still, abides living legend Jesco White, "the dancing outlaw". As a boy Jesco was in and out of reform school and the insane asylum. To keep him out of trouble, his daddy D-Ray taught him the art of mountain dancing, a frenzied version of tap dancing to wild country banjo music. After his father's death, crazy Jesco dons his father's tap shoes and takes his show on the road.

White Lightnin' Series
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White Lightnin' Cast & Crew

Edward Hogg
as Jesco White
Carrie Fisher
as Cilla
Kirk Bovill
as Long
Owen Campbell
as Young Jesco
Stephen Lester
as Doctor
Wallace Merck
as Edgar
Steve Nicolson
as Vernon
Clay Steakley
as Reilly
Allison Varnes
as Teenage Clerk
Raymond Waring
as Davey
Muse Watson
as D. Ray White