Watch White Squall Online

Watch White Squall Online
Film title: White Squall
Rotten Tomatoes: 60%
Language: English
Plot: Nature's strongest force is the will to survive. That's a hard-learned lesson in this true story about a noble mission turned into disaster. In the early 1960s, Capt. Christopher Sheldon (Jeff Bridges) operates the sailboat Albatross as a floating school for troubled teen boys needing discipline. But a chance encounter with a freak storm offers a traumatic and troubling education in life and death.

White Squall Cast & Crew

Jeff Bridges
as Captain Christopher 'Skipper' Sheldon
Caroline Goodall
as Dr. Alice Sheldon
Scott Wolf
as Charles 'Chuck' Gieg
Jeremy Sisto
as Frank Beaumont
Ryan Phillippe
as Gil Martin
David Lascher
as Robert March
Eric Michael Cole
as Dean Preston
Jason Marsden
as Shay Jennings, Albatross First Mate
Balthazar Getty
as Tod Johnstone
Ethan Embry
as Tracy Lapchick
Jordan Clarke
as Charles Gieg