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Film title: Wild Turkeys
Language: English
Plot: Three naive and colorful characters are on their way from eastern Ontario to Calgary to realize their dreams of fame and fortune. Unfortunately, fate creates a detour for the trio as they run out of gas and must make a pit-stop at a provincial campground in Manitoba. While there, they encounter a strange, quiet, unassuming fellow with which they must share a campsite with. During the stay, the three all draw a different conclusion about the individual who does nothing but eat sunflower seeds, go for walks and write constantly in his lap top is he a threat, merely an obstacle or a helping hand to their plans?

Wild Turkeys Series
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Wild Turkeys Cast & Crew

Onalee Ames
as Officer Jen
Matthew Bernard
as Irwin Higginbotham
Tony Braga
as Chester
Mike Cunningham
as Dude 1
Darren Felbel
as Ranger Smith
Dean Harder
as Dude 2
Joe Kim
as Officer Nick
David Lafantasie
as Wood Truck Driver
Serena Postel
as Store Clerk
Jennifer Pudavick
as Butterfly Oasis