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Film title: Wild West
Language: English
Plot: A young Pakistani, living in England thinks that he is a cowboy and dreams of leading his country music band to success in Nashville. He meets a young woman who leaves her abusive husband and joins their group as a singer, but when they get a break with a record company, the company is only interested in her. Taking the proceeds of the sale of their family home, they finally set out to achieve their dream in Nashville. There are several comic sub-plots as well, the main one revolving around a biker gang out to get the f

Wild West Series
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Wild West Cast & Crew

Ravi Kapoor
as Ali Ayub
Ameet Chana
as Gurdeep
Bhasker Patel
as Jagdeep
Lalita Ahmed
as Mrs. Ayub
Shaun Scott
as Tony
Neran Persaud
as Tapper
Nrinder Dhudwar
as Tapper
Parv Bancil
as Tapper
Dinesh Shukia
as Rakesh
Lou Hirsch
as Hank Goldstein
Rolf Saxon
as Yuhudi