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Height: 6' 3" (1.91 m)
Wiki Biography: Born in Ladner, British Columbia (outside Vancouver), Will Sasso grew up respecting comedy of all styles, thanks in part to an unhealthy relationship with the family television that began when Will was around two or three. With his mind consequently bent, Sasso decided at an early age to become an actor. At the age of fifteen, he landed his first agent and quickly began booking roles in television and film. Before moving from Vancouver to Los Angeles, Sasso starred for five seasons as the quirky teen, "Derek Wakaluk" on the award-winning Canadian dramatic series "Madison" (1993) allowing him to hone his acting and improvisational skills as well as providing him with enough money to buy a television of his own. Will starred for five seasons on FOX's hit sketch comedy series "MADtv" (1995) giving TV viewers a reason to stay up late with characters like the accident-prone handyman "Paul Timberman" and offbeat impressions of Bill Clinton, Kenny Rogers, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Seagal and Randy Newman. After a successful tenure with the show beginning in 1997, Sasso decided to leave the late-night staple in 2002, eager to explore the next stage of his career. Moviegoers know Sasso from his roles in more than twenty-five feature films including Best in Show (2000), directed by Christopher Guest, Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999),Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) starring the late Chris Farley, and The Hot Chick (2002) starring Rob Schneider and produced by Adam Sandler, with whom Sasso previously worked on Happy Gilmore (1996). More recently, Sasso can be seen every week as "Carl Monari" on the ABC sitcom "Less Than Perfect" (2002). In his spare time, Sasso enjoys the outdoors and the indoors.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Three Stooges Curly 1934 Comedy
MADtv 1995 - Comedy
Less Than Perfect Carl Monari 2002 - 2006 Comedy
Five Year Plan 2008
Neighbors from Hell Balthazor Hellman 2010 Animation
Shit My Dad Says Vince Goodson 2010
Murder Police Tommy Margaretti 2013
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Ski School 2 Tomcat 1994 Comedy
The Three Stooges Curly Howard 2000 0
Best in Show 2001 Comedy
College Road Trip 2008 Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Year of the Carnivore Dirk 2009 Comedy, Drama
The Legend of Awesomest Maximus Awesomest Maximus 2011 Comedy
Division III: Football's Finest Terry Lockwood 2011 Comedy, Romance, Sport
For Christ's Sake Alan 2011 Comedy
Moving Day Clyde 2012 Comedy
Movie 43 Jerry 2013
The Right Kind of Wrong Neil 2013 Romance
Hit by Lightning Seth 2014 Comedy
The Ugly Life of a Beautiful Girl Armand 2014 Drama
Corner Gas: The Movie Legal Aid Lawyer 2014 0
Killing Hasselhoff Wasserstein 2015 Comedy
Russell Madness Hunk 2015 Family
Malicious Heavy Guy 2018 Game Show