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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Spice Britain Greg 2011
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Cactus Kid 1921
Rocky Road John Johnson 2001 Drama, Romance
The Tempest Sebastian 2001 Adventure
Route 10 The Hitcher 2001
Four Aims and Flyin' Shoes Wood 2001
Spanish Fly Gordy 2003 Comedy, Drama
The Sure Hand of God Claude Stevens 2004 Drama
Oil Storm 2005 Drama, Thriller
Broke Sky Bucky 2007 Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Cake: A Wedding Story 2007
PrimeMates Jim 2010 Comedy, Drama
Tide of Whispers Deric 2011 Drama
Omerta Stevie 2011 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Doonby Tony 2012 Mystery, Thriller
Red Wing Larry 2013 Drama, Romance
The Appearing Michael 2013 Reality Tv
Mud Man Man's Friend 2014 Drama
Syrenia Policeman 2015 Drama, Family, Fantasy
Butterfly Caught Anthony 2017