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Birthday: 1971-12-18
Place of Birth: York, Alabama, USA
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Wiki Biography: Willie Speight, a multi-millionaire business man, successful film director, writer, and producer is a native of York, Alabama. Growing up in York has molded Speight into a now six foot tall, 245 pounds of pure muscle with an unprecedented drive and determination. After attending college, he relocated to Huntsville, Alabama where he established his mark as a prestigious entrepreneur by opening numerous businesses. In 2006, moving to Atlanta, writing became a self rehabilitating way for Speight to grapple the dissolution of his marriage. His writing was the result of his first book, "Forbidden Luv." Writing became second nature to Speight, forcing him to release his fourth book only four years later. After working countless and feverish hours as if it were a race against time, Speight wrote, Your Child Support Check Ruined Our Child's Life, national best selling novels, "Messy Black Women," and "The Holloway Story," which were all concluded June of 2010. No sooner than establishing his affection as an national best selling author, Speight embarked upon filmmaking. In late 2007, he proceeded to film a thought provoking synopsis about adults and children switching characters and the journey that life takes them on. Released in selected theaters September of 2008, the sole intention of his debut film, titled "Switching Roles," was to initiate parents and kids to appreciate every role and aspect that life has to offer. At the beginning of 2010, Speight plunged right into his second film. His attention was captivated by "The Holloway Story" which is based on authentic events that occurred in 1987 in his native community of York, Alabama. Although, only a freshman in high school, he has never relinquished the memories of the rape and brutal murder of his fellow classmate, Patricia Ann Hannah. Accompanying those vivid recollections is also the constant reminder of the consequential arrest and conviction of Shelton Jerome Holloway. At the time, Holloway was a mentally challenged janitor at Sumter County High School, Speight and Miss Hannah attended. Shelton Jerome Holloway is serving a life sentence for capital murder in Alabama. Speight currently has the most talked about national best selling novel, "White Women Have Stepped Their Game Up." Filmmaker Willie Speight is currently residing in Alpharetta, Georgia, and also Keywest, Florida.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Holloway Story Dead Patient 2012 Mystery, Thriller