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Birthday: 1980-07-30
Place of Birth: DeKalb, Illinois, USA
Wiki Biography: Mr. Willy Adkins is an American Actor, Director and Producer. He is the CEO of Spook Show Entertainment and a "jack of all trades" in the entertainment industry. He is also very well know for his paranormal investigation ventures with The Illinois Ghost Hunters in which he also founded in 2006. His paranormal ventures have taken him all over the country. Willy is also known for his life long passion of dark arts and photography. He started taking photos under the name "Deviant Desires Photography" 15 years ago and is best know for his alternative model portfolio production and horror themed art. The name has grown to be internationally recognized. Present day Willy is staying busy directing, producing, writing and acting in independent film.Willy also prides himself by helping other independent artists (both film and otherwise) get noticed for their art and efforts as producer / director of 6 major film festivals at Chicago's Portage theater including the longest running film festival in the city, The Chicago Horror Film Festival. Whats next for Willy? Well, at the speed he is working the sky is the limit!Outside of the entertainment business, Willy resides in Dekalb IL with his love Mikka Rosen and is a proud father of two girls, Dixie Belle and Bethany Madison. His free time is usually spent watching movies with his family or making scary dolls known as "Mr. Willy's Killer Creatures".

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Ovulation Simon 2013 Drama, Horror, Thriller
Incorporeal Danny Robertson 2014 Horror
Candie's Harem Rob 2015 Horror, Mystery
What in the Sam Hill Bacon Burglar 2015 Comedy