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Film title: Witchery
Language: English
Plot: When a storm strands a group on a Massachusetts island where the only dwelling is an old hotel supposedly haunted by the ghost of a former German actress (Knef), the result is the standard horror film as each of the cast is picked off one-by-

Witchery Series
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Witchery Cast & Crew

Linda Blair
as Jane Brooks
Catherine Hickland
as Linda Sullivan
Annie Ross
as Rose Brooks
Hildegard Knef
as Lady In Black
Leslie Cumming
as Leslie
Robert Champagne
as Freddie Brooks
Rick Farnsworth
as Jerry Giordano
Michael Manchester
as Tommy Brooks
Frank Cammarata
as Tony Giordano
Victoria Biggers
as Secretary
Ely Coughlin
as Satan
Kara Lynch
as Cindy
Jamie Hanes
as Jon
Richard Ladenburg
as Sheriff