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Film title: Wizards of the Demon Sword
Language: English
Plot: The story centers on the battle for the mythical Sword of Aktar and its kidnapped keeper Ulric. But for a few stop-motion prehistoric creatures, the heroic Thane must save a beautiful princess from the evil wizard, Lord Khoura. Along his epic journey he must face sadistic slave traders, deadly dinosaurs and hellish highwaymen as he struggles to posses the all-powerful blade of Aktar---The DEMON SWORD!

Wizards of the Demon Sword Series
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Wizards of the Demon Sword Cast & Crew

Lyle Waggoner
as Lord Khoura
Russ Tamblyn
as Ulric
Blake Bahner
as Thane
Heidi Paine
as Melina
Dan Speaker
as Damon
Dawn Wildsmith
as Selena
Lawrence Tierney
as Slave Master
Michael Berryman
as Highway Man #1
Bill Edwards
as Highway Man #2
Hoke Howell
as The Seer
Dan Golden
as Gorgon
Hank Levy
as Jailor
Heather Wilk
as Virgin
Gladys Jennett
as Mother