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Film title: Wrath of the Crows
Language: English
Plot: Wrath of the crows is very gory and brutal, but tied by a strong concept and the whole story is focused on the characters' development. So there's not only splatter sequences, but also atmospheric moments, a few dream-like sequences and a final twist that will shock you all.

Wrath of the Crows Series
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Wrath of the Crows Cast & Crew

Tiffany Shepis
as Princess
Debbie Rochon
as Debbie
Suzi Lorraine
as Pierrot
Michael Segal
as The Officer
Gerry Shanahan
as Charlie
Matteo Tosi
as First Soldier / Priest
Giuseppe Gobbato
as Dog soldier
John Game
as Skinny
Carl Wharton
as Grave digger
Andreea Togan
as Prostitute
Chris Pybus
as Junkie