Watch Written in Blood Online

Watch Written in Blood Online
Film title: Written in Blood
Language: English
Plot: When the wife of Detective John Traveller and her lover are executed in bed and John takes the blame, his partner and friend, Detective Matthew Ransom, becomes very upset, affecting his marriage that was not working well. The lover of John's wife was the son of Luke Williams, a detective of the same department, and he does not accept the death of his son. After the trial and conviction of John, Matthew separates from his wife Mary Ramson, being sexually arrested by John's daughter Jude. Meanwhile, a serial killer kills the enemies of John, leaving clues in the crime scenes relatives to Sherlock Holmes tales and Matthew suspects of Jude.

Written in Blood Cast & Crew

Michael T. Weiss
as Matthew Ransom
Peter Coyote
as John Traveller
Maureen Flannigan
as Jude Traveller
Steve Rankin
as Luke Williams
Dan Gauthier
as Mark Pearsall
Gwen McGee
as Captain Streeter
Nancy Valen
as Mary Ramson
J. Karen Thomas
as Gottlieb
Eamonn Roche
as Alvarez
Bob Bancroft
as Miles Mendelson
Leslie Ishii
as Judge Kirkwood
Michael Stanton
as Jury Foreman